Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet the baby

Hello, and welcome back to the non-adventures of my little life. Today's issue will be dedicated to introducing my newest family member, Storm:
He was born at the Sanilac County Humane Society on 8-8-10, making him 5 months old now, and ever so spunky. His mommy is a pretty white kitty named Snow, and the shelter named her babies Storm, Flurry, and Blizzard. haha. How could I take away that legacy? So I kept his name.

He started out with some sneezes & a runny eye, meaning that our first 2 weeks together were riddled with giving a kitten antibiotics. If you've ever tried that you know what a joy it is. That eye is still gooey, so I foresee more eye drops in our future. And unfortunately, my mom had to take her Oscar to the vet yesterday because he caught Storm's cold. She also tells me that he has been moping around since Storm & I moved to Saginaw on Monday. :( Poor Oz. Despite Dad's resistance, something tells me that Oscar will be getting a new playmate fairly soon, as the vet told Mom that some cats never get over losing a buddy & need a new friend to recover from their depression.

Anyway, I guess I better rewind a little bit... I brought Storm home to my parents' house right before Christmas. The shelter ladies warned that we should keep him separate from any other housepets & slowly introduce them... My dad doesn't listen very well. As soon as he gets home he insists that Oscar needs to meet Storm. He brought him into the bathroom where I was keeping Storm, and oh boy did Oscar watch him. He was a little afraid of him at first, not letting that little invader get too close. After about 3 days of separation with supervised visitation, they started playing together, and before we knew it, this happened:
Yeah, Oscar adopted Storm. I don't know if he thought this was his new baby or what, but he'd bathe his face & neck & ears. They'd chase each other around the house and wrestle, and Oscar even shared his condo. They also napped together on several occasions, and Storm would squeeze himself between Oscar & my mom on Mom's pillow. Yes, insert jealousy here.

Anyway, my wonderful family helped me move all my stuff to my new apartment in Saginaw, and then I went back home for a couple days & brought Stormy with me to actually move in on Monday. He has adapted to his new home quite well and spends his time divided between sleeping on the love seat (or sometimes cuddling on my lap :heart:), and patting my leg to play with him with his favorite toy.
He seems to have lost interest in playing by himself with his pink lizard. I am more fun, apparently. We're currently practicing the skill of waving that thing around while reading/studying. It's a work in progress.

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