Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm sort of feeling like I'm in a weird place lately. I have lots to say, but nothing that is really blog-worthy/appropriate. So again I find myself keeping it in. I will confess that I've been feeling sort of lonely & lost. And I've started reading "The Purpose-Driven Life", which I think was more of a subconscious decision than anything. You read a chapter a day for 40 days, and I've had this book since someone randomly gave it to me at Kingdom Bound in 2003. I started reading it back then, but only got through about 6 or 7 days. Today is day 5. Hopefully I'll keep it up this time. I will likely write something that the book inspires if I do.

Another thing that has been weighing on me is the realization that I'm going to be alone for CMA fest this year. I really want to go, and I know I'd find friends there, but not real keen on flying solo. I've asked friends to go, but the only ones interested can't seem to make it or they're already going with other people. I've looked for roommates among people that I know are going, but nobody seems to really want me there. There have been offers "hey you can stay with us", but I'm afraid I'd be disappointed that they're only offering a hotel room split rather than a vacay buddy...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful

As you may know, the midwest (& possibly other places) got hit with a nice little winter storm on Tues/Wed this week. Well yesterday I decided to stay in where it's warm. I did however seek whether my facebook minions would like for me to go out in the cold today & build them a snowman. Either 19 or 20 people decided that I did indeed have to go build a snowman.

SO, I got all bundled up in 2 pairs of pants & 2 shirts, 2 pairs of gloves, and my coat & boots & all and went out to make that snowman. BTW, I put a carrot in my pocket because I was obsessed with trying to figure out what to do about his face. Anyway, I discovered right away that that snow was not packing together. It was all light & fluffy, and I got self conscious because here I am, a 25-year-old woman all by herself going out to play in the snow, and there was a woman standing on her balcony talking on her cell phone. I tried a few times to pack the snow into a ball, which ultimately ended in poofs of powdery snow falling from my hands. I can't lie, I was discouraged. In the mean time I decided I had to do SOMETHING. So I fell back & made a snow angel:
ha, I didn't realize until after I climbed out that my left wing was smaller than my right. My bad.

But I knew that my facebook friends wanted a snowman. I had promised a snowman. So I set to work. I clearly was not going to be able to roll a ball bigger and bigger in the traditional snowman making manner so I started mounding up some snow that I figured I could sculpt after I got it tall enough. It was not an easy feat, but I accomplished a decent sized mound and then managed to lift a sort of solid chunk of snow to the top for a head. It looked freakishly like ET. Got my camera from my pocket to take a picture, and lo & behold "battery is exhausted". Bah! I finished up my little snowman & ran inside to grab my camera... and my stethoscope:

Yeah, one of my fellow students still on the island demanded that I provide medical care for my creation. :D With my mission accomplished I took back my sunglasses to go inside, but I thought it would be too sad to leave him without eyes.
With those eyes we sort of have the same smile. We must be related. ;) ...And I keep peeking out my window to see if anyone has come along & destroyed him yet.
So far so good. :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Verizon & FedEx

Oh such joy these past 2 weeks. So upon returning to the US I went & got myself a Blackberry. Said Blackberry has had numerous issues with freezing on me & not working again until the error message comes up & has me reset the phone. Not acceptable working conditions. It didn't start really acting like that until after I moved to Saginaw, but luckily on January 17 I was back home for some appointments, so I ran into the store at the mall & talked to "Ray", the guy working that day. This guy was either intellectually challenged or inept at his job, as he told me to just hook the phone up to my computer & update it, and that should help. I explained my situation and how I had moved out of town & asked him if I could take the phone into any Verizon store if I still had problems with it. Oh yeah, of course you can...

No. No, you can't. So after a trip to the local Verizon store on January 19, where they told me that I would have to drive the 2 hrs home in the next 2 days (in the midst of orientation/class & studying for Comp) before my 30-day warranty ended or come back to them then & they'd give me a refurbished phone. Again, no. Called the guy I bought the phone from & explained the situation, and he assured me that they would FedEx a phone to me & then I could just send back the defective one. Ok, great, Jon, you rock. Expect the phone on either Friday or Monday...

Wednesday, January 26 rolls around. A working Blackberry has yet to be seen. So I call the Verizon store again and am told to look up the phone number for the nearest FedEx location & they probably have the phone there. Google fails me in this regard, and after I don't even KNOW how many more calls to Verizon & FedEx both, I am informed that FedEx sent the phone back because they had the wrong address. Call Verizon again & let them know what happened, and they go to send another phone. The FedEx system won't let them put in both digits of my apartment number (people with 3 digits are just screwed!), so the girl I was talking to figured out a way around it to make sure it would get to me this time. The phone will be sent out Thursday & arrive Friday or Monday. Awesome, about time!

Well on Friday the 28th I had class until like 3pm, and of course missed FedEx, BUT they left a door tag saying either go pick it up or they would try to deliver two more times. Well that's perfect because Monday, the 31st is only a half day & Tuesday we have nothing scheduled. Now on Monday I get back from class around 11am and am delighted to find no door tag. I didn't miss FedEx! I'll have a phone by the end of the day! again. FedEx never showed up yesterday. Finally I called FedEx this morning to try to figure out what happened, and they tell me that they sent the freaking phone back to Verizon... after ONE attempt at delivery. Now they are supposedly looking into the situation. They were also supposed to call me about the case today "after 1pm". When I called at 4 the lady sounded irritated that I wasn't patient enough & informed me that they were still working on my case. How hard can it be to find out WHY they sent back a package without really trying to deliver it? Anyway, I just got off the phone with Verizon now after being on hold for a full 20 minutes. They can't order another one until they receive phone number 2 back. Ok, that's fine. I just wanted to make sure I get a stinking phone... you know, sometime this decade. Hopefully I will hear back from FedEx tomorrow, and the person I spoke with at Verizon said she would call me back either Thursday or Friday to let me know when they are shipping a working Blackberry.

Overall, so far Verizon gets a passing grade for handling the situation fairly well (except for Ray of course), and FedEx gets a FAIL.