Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful

As you may know, the midwest (& possibly other places) got hit with a nice little winter storm on Tues/Wed this week. Well yesterday I decided to stay in where it's warm. I did however seek whether my facebook minions would like for me to go out in the cold today & build them a snowman. Either 19 or 20 people decided that I did indeed have to go build a snowman.

SO, I got all bundled up in 2 pairs of pants & 2 shirts, 2 pairs of gloves, and my coat & boots & all and went out to make that snowman. BTW, I put a carrot in my pocket because I was obsessed with trying to figure out what to do about his face. Anyway, I discovered right away that that snow was not packing together. It was all light & fluffy, and I got self conscious because here I am, a 25-year-old woman all by herself going out to play in the snow, and there was a woman standing on her balcony talking on her cell phone. I tried a few times to pack the snow into a ball, which ultimately ended in poofs of powdery snow falling from my hands. I can't lie, I was discouraged. In the mean time I decided I had to do SOMETHING. So I fell back & made a snow angel:
ha, I didn't realize until after I climbed out that my left wing was smaller than my right. My bad.

But I knew that my facebook friends wanted a snowman. I had promised a snowman. So I set to work. I clearly was not going to be able to roll a ball bigger and bigger in the traditional snowman making manner so I started mounding up some snow that I figured I could sculpt after I got it tall enough. It was not an easy feat, but I accomplished a decent sized mound and then managed to lift a sort of solid chunk of snow to the top for a head. It looked freakishly like ET. Got my camera from my pocket to take a picture, and lo & behold "battery is exhausted". Bah! I finished up my little snowman & ran inside to grab my camera... and my stethoscope:

Yeah, one of my fellow students still on the island demanded that I provide medical care for my creation. :D With my mission accomplished I took back my sunglasses to go inside, but I thought it would be too sad to leave him without eyes.
With those eyes we sort of have the same smile. We must be related. ;) ...And I keep peeking out my window to see if anyone has come along & destroyed him yet.
So far so good. :D

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  1. I love that you made a snowman :) Kind of jealous but not adventurous enough to make my own. :P