Saturday, December 17, 2011

What happened to you?

I recently had an encounter with a 3-year-old who had developed a mysterious limp. Dad asked what happened & the kid shrugs. I ask what happened & the kids shrugs. Dad asks "Did you drop something on your foot?" Kid nods yes. I ask "Did you fall?" Kid nods yes. I ask "Did you step on something?" Kid nods yes. Dad asks "Did you close your foot in the door?" Kid shakes head no. Well, at least we established that the kid did NOT close a foot in the door. So we accept that kids will sometimes just be a mystery.

Enter Miss R. "What happened?" Kid: "A wolf bit me."

"Really? Do you have a wolf?" Kid shakes head no.

"Where was the wolf? Was the wolf in your house?" Kid nods yes.

"Well who let him in? Did you let the wolf in?" Kid agrees again. The child also went on to explain "I shooted the wolf though." Whew, good thing that dangerous beast in the house was taken care of. Wouldn't want him to go around biting more kids!

So the moral of today's story is that if a small child won't tell you how they got hurt, you should keep asking or get more people to ask. They may just be trying to hide that they let a wolf in the house.

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