Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis the Season

Alright, in case you've lost count I will return to my American life exactly 2 weeks from today. Being that I'll be returning to a Michigan winter I decided that I'm going to dedicate this post to the things that I appreciate about winter/the holiday season... you know, in case I forget about 3 weeks from now when my car gets stuck in the snow & I can't feel my toes.

- fires in the wood stove
- fuzzy socks &/or slippers
- wearing pants again (nobody will know if I don't shave! lol)
- hot chocolate
- Christmas movies on ABC family & Lifetime
- decorating the tree & putting up lights
- baking cookies
- flannel sheets (the softest, most wonderful sheets I've ever had)
- getting cozy & snug under mounds of blankets
- Christmas shopping
- cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning

Yeah, that's a good start. I tried to keep that to the things specific to the season, but there are just so many things to look forward to about going home. Definitely can't wait to curl up on the couch with the cat & read a book. Anyway, add to my list. What are your favorite things about winter?

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