Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reflections & Resolutions

So I've been in a rut for a long time. Anyone close to me has to have been able to see that. I've turned into a mean & bitter person, and mostly secluded myself from others. I've pushed away people that I love. And I haven't been taking great care of myself anymore either - physically or spiritually.

It's time to change. Who says resolutions have to be on January 1?
  • be nicer - I'm not outwardly malicious, but my anger can tend to flare up. I'm going to try not to get so angry at little things, like drivers that cut me off & don't signal or my neighbor's bulldog howling ALL the time. I'm still not going to accept loud music in the middle of the night, but that's just inconsiderate & actually interferes with my life.
  • forgive & move on - I hold on to a lot of negative feelings when I think people have mistreated me. I know that I'm not perfect & would appreciate a second chance & forgiveness from those that I've wronger in some way or another. On this same note, I'm apologizing to people that I know I have not treated fairly. There is one that will be a huge step for me. I may have my reasons for my behavior, but that doesn't make it less rotten.
  • exercise - aside from the fact that I've packed on some weight since returning from the island (yeah, I don't walk up hill both ways to school every day anymore, and I don't get my salsa lessons every Friday [sad!]), physical activity is just GOOD for you. I'm starting with baby steps & plan to play my Dance Praise at least 30 minutes a day 4 days a week (or substitute another activity).
  • get closer to God - I've been reading The Purpose Driven Life, and that's helping some, but my Bible has been neglected for a while, and I haven't had a home church since I lived in Marion, IN and graduated in 2007.

Sounds like a good start, right?

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