Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things my cat will eat...

I've come to the realization that this whole blog thing is really just for my own entertainment anyway, so if I get the whim to post something insignificant.. whatev...

My recent life (ie the past month) has been 90% (ish) dedicated to studying for this silly little test. You may have heard of it: USMLE Step 1. In any case, this severely limits my opportunities for experiencing truly post-worthy events. However, in my days on end that I spent locked in my apartment with my cat at least the cat does things to lighten the mood. Although, often times his activities are incredibly irritating.

For example, Storm has taken to chasing his tail while standing on the window sill, which makes the vertical blinds bang around insanely. During daylight hours this is an immensely hilarious show. Why he picks narrow spaces to perform his feats is beyond me, but he's also attempted to chase his tail while standing on the back of my office chair... he has fallen off of that a few times. Anyway, the unfortunate thing is that sometimes he gets the burning desire to perform for me quite early in the morning, say 5:09am. Yeah, don't ask which day that was, but I definitely looked at the clock & groaned. Yesterday he waited a little later to play at 5:30, quite generous of him.

One of his other favorite activities is investigating my desk.

He has learned that I impede this process in my waking hours, so he has decided that said early morning hours are the best time for this as well. Much less noisy, but I still feel compelled to turn on the lamp & try to stop him from tearing things up. I've had to relocate my necklaces because they are far too awesome of a toy for him to ignore no matter how many times I squirt him with the water bottle from my nice warm bed. Exhibit A:

Aside from the early morning shenanigans, my precious little monster has many adventures that simply make me laugh because I'm awake. His recent favorite hobby involves attacking the ball that hangs from the ceiling of his little cube bed (which is pink because it was a hand-me-down from my cousin's girl cats. He doesn't mind). He gets soooo into this that there's no telling where the cube will end up or in what position. He flips it all around & sometimes gets trapped inside with the opening to the floor. Most impressive though is this precariously balanced moment:

And throughout his hardcore play sessions, I've discovered that without careful monitoring he will sometimes ingest things that just aren't meant to be eaten. If I drop burger on the floor when I'm cooking he ignores it, but these are the things I've noticed the little weirdo has eaten:
  • the cotton off of Q-tips that he steals from my bathroom trash (I don't throw them in there anymore)
  • Kleenex
  • random small pieces of paper: ie 1/3 of a post-it note attached to my window sill
  • ponytail holders - he plays with them until they break & then before I know it half is missing...
  • bits of feathers & fur off of his toys
  • tiny carpet fibers that he pulls off of his condo
  • and as I typed this blog he bit off some plastic from another toy... which is now going in the trash before more disappears
However, I suppose I should be glad that unlike my aunt's cat who seems to seek out weird things to eat, Storm only eats that which he has hunted & consequently destroyed. "Oh, what am I going to do with this now?" Gulp.

Note to concerned animal lovers: Yes, I take away things or stop him from eating things that are not food, and watch him closely for any signs of distress when he does manage to ingest something like that half a ponytail holder that could cause an intestinal blockage.

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  1. Lovers used to gnaw on the blinds. I don't know if she ever ingested any but we had to replace them by the time we moved out. haha