Thursday, August 12, 2010

One more week before finals & going home for a break. As my policy goes, I took yesterday off from studying after the test. I was hoping to hop a kayak to secret beach & do some snorkeling, but of course it had to rain. It ended up working out okay though because I got some laundry done & then played games with some friends (Taboo & Cranium = excellent fun. I entertained the observers by acting out an earthquake in the charades portion). Also watched Superman Returns with my best island friend. And sadly learned yesterday that he won't be coming back next semester. The fail-out rate here isn't so good. Now who will I call when I'm lonely & just want a dinner companion?

So this morning when I was gathering my clothes off the line from my back porch, the sun was shining, and it was hot & beautiful outside. Sure, most students wouldn't go to the beach the week before finals, but come on, sometimes you just need to breathe. I decided to do some snorkeling for an hour, and since my friend won't be studying for finals at least I had company. The water was a bit murky, but out by the end of the pier we could see alright. Lots of amazing fishes and tons of sea urchins as always. And we saw what looked like a tiny squid, which was very cool. Good times.

By the time I got back to shower and make some lunch the test responses were sent back & answer keys posted, and pleasant results for sure. All the focus on pharmacology paid off. :)

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