Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shhh, it's a secret

Finals are over! Thus marks the end of semester 3 of med school. So my "work day" was over at 10:30am, and I met up with my friend Pauline for lunch before heading to the beach. We rented a couple kayaks from "Wave Dancers" at Coconut Beach, and made our way to Secret Beach. For the non-Dominicans & non-Ross students Secret Beach is a tiny strip of sand that can only be accessed from the water since it is closed in on the other 3 sides by walls of rock. The seclusion is really the only thing that makes it exclusive.

On the far left there it looks like part of the side fell down since the last time I was there about 6-7 months ago. Wow, can't believe it's been that long!

haha, there's me out under the rock arch. :)

Anyway, since it's rainy season the water was a bit murky, and I ran out of pictures on my water camera last week anyway. But I spent some time exploring the beach, and then I stopped to try to catch some seashells that were being washed up with the waves. While I was watching for more a tiny octopus washed up next to me! I tried to take a picture with my digital camera, but the reflection on the water hid it, and the waves took it back out too quickly. It was so cool to see though! The little guy was about the size from my elbow to wrist, and an orangish color. Other than that saw tons of little zebra fishes, and some fish that looked like Dory on Finding Nemo.

We kayaked back, and the wind & waves made it take about twice as long as it took us to get there in the first place (which was twice as long as the rental guy said it takes him to get there! haha). FYI, kayaking is quite the upper body workout!

Time to finish packing. My ride to the airport picks me up at 4am! TIME TO GO HOME!!!

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