Friday, August 6, 2010

Wow my life is dull. So exams are coming up, and I should probably be intently scouring path or pharm notes, but my brain is annoyed with all that business.

On the happy side of things, I'll be stateside for a 2 week break in exactly 13 days. Sometimes it feels surreal that I've actually lived on this island for almost a year now. I guess that's good though because if I think about it too much I get way too homesick and regret all the things I'm missing about the life I left behind.

Anyway, for this break I have 10 of the 14 days booked solid with 2 concerts (David Nail on Aug 20 & Chuck Wicks & others on Aug 22), 2 days with different girl friends, a 3-day vacation with my parents, 2 doctors appointments (since health care on the island leaves something to be desired), and a family picnic. Oh, and a day trip to Shipshewana with the momma. So excited! While I probably won't get to say hi to David Nail, I'm crossing my fingers for a Chuck Wicks hug. He is so sweet & funny, AND I'm making a present to give him. Yeah, I adore my country boys. *sigh*

Alright, better go to bed. If anyone is actually reading this, sorry my life isn't more exciting! haha

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