Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alright, as time zips on by I realize I didn't update y'all on the rest of the trip home, but since it would seem that only about 2 people read this anyway, I think I'm just gonna skip it for the time being.

So I'm back on the lovely island of Dominica, and nothing makes that more evident than the 2 power outages the other night and the continued battle with the shower. This time it's not a loss of pressure though, the shower just wants to scald me periodically. Awesome.

In other news, my best friend left before I returned so I'm utterly alone & never got to say goodbye. Heaven only knows if I'll ever get to see him again. In the mean time I completely embarrassed myself by breaking down in tears when I got a call to trek down to campus & pick up my suitcase at 9pm, and I had nobody to call so I would feel safe getting there. Sure, I ran into one of my local neighbors on the street in front of my apartment, and he ended up walking me, but I think it just sunk in then how much I really relied on Lucas. So now I guess I've gotta be independent again. Back to eating alone and not having company at my apartment.

Other than that, our elected class rep failed, thus leaving the position open, and I've been nominated. I have no idea if I want to accept that nomination or not. I'm sort of terrified of accepting the responsibility. I've already got a position in OLAS, but I never did get an email about it so I'm sort of wondering if they changed their minds or something. I will say that it feels nice to be nominated by someone else for something.


  1. Make that at least 3 people reading your blog! And I think you should run for class rep!

  2. ha, thanks. Too late though. I turned down the nomination when I saw that someone else was running.