Wednesday, September 22, 2010

But why is the rum gone??

Alright, do I have anything to post about? Ok sure.

So last Friday was "research day", meaning no classes. I was hoping to go to one of the many bodies of water that exist around here, but shockingly could find nobody to go with me. Silly med students with their studying. Who does that?? lol Anyway, I ended up going to the rum distillery with the spouses' organization. Shockingly I was the only single person there, but there was another student at least. haha Now when I signed up for this I foolishly thought 'ok, it'll be like a factory tour' like bright & indoors & shiny/clean/new, right? Oh silly girl, this is Dominica... However it was pretty cool.

Here's the first area we saw. I think there's crushing of sugar cane that happens on this.

And I don't know what these buildings are for. I'm afraid I don't listen very well, sorry.

oh, but fermenting happens in these:

And our lovely guide was clearly delighted that I was taking his picture.
He was telling us about the different kinds of rum they make, and the one in his hand was like 64% alcohol instead of the standard 40ish%. No, I don't drink. But yeah, this was the taste testing portion of the tour, so I decided to taste it. Let me tell ya, I remembered straight up why I don't drink. Yeck! The others enjoyed it, but it's not for me. I'll stick with my chocolate milk & juice with the kiddos. lol

Anyway, that night was the Ross Christian Fellowship free campus cookout, so I went there & waited in line for an hour for dinner. Chatted with a nice new 1st semester student that plays guitar for RCF and went to the standard salsa that night too of course. And then Jedediah invited me to join them for game night on Saturday! woo! I LOVE playing games. I'm a dork that way. We ordered food from the Tomato (my chicken taco salad was amazing. best meal I've had there), and played Apples to Apples (which I won! *victory dance), and they taught me how to play Texas Hold 'Em (I did not win. lol).

Other than that, classes as usual. Oh, and it's season premiere week on ABC, so I'm soaking up new episodes of all my shows. Also, some of my favorite friends down here are expecting baby #2! Congrats Kelly & Josh (& Shane!)!


  1. We made the blog! Woot woot!! Except now you have me craving Tomato's again...

  2. lol! Sorry. That was actually the first meal I've had there that I was really impressed with. Before the food has been fine, but not enough. Granted I always seem to be hungry here anyway!