Monday, September 13, 2010

So it's been the first long day of the semester. Yippee for 8 hours of lectures, 4 of which were pharmacology. Harsh. Unfortunately, I've been quite unproductive since we got out of class at 5. Well, with the exception of the OLAS eboard meeting and cooking enough for 3 meals this week. Oh, and putting away laundry. Everyone who has a washer/dryer or just has access to them should be grateful for such technology because washing clothes by the lovely little Wonder Wash is sort of a pain. Granted, it's better than paying $11/week to have someone else wash your clothes with the risk of not returning them in the same condition or, you know, at all. A little peek at my charming island life:
That's how I wash my clothes. I put them in that tiny contraption with 6 quarts of hot water & laundry soap, and turn it for 2 minutes. Drain, add cold water, turn 30 seconds, drain again, ring & hang out to dry.

Anyway, so Friday nights are salsa nights here. I've been going to lessons since the middle of 2nd semester, and it's great. If you ever get a chance you should go salsa dancing some time.

Then Sunday I went river tubing. I forgot to buy a water camera while I was home over break though so I have no pictures from this go around. Hopefully my friends that took some will share. BUT I do have pictures now from last semester's trip. AND I haven't added them to facebook yet so you get an exclusive look. lol, try to contain your excitement.

Me floating down the Layou River:

and ever so many more students on the river tubing trip in May.

Guess that's all for now. No more fun plans as of the moment, but we don't have class Friday because it's "research day". Hopefully I can find some friends to go on an adventure with, but one of my girls is turning out to be less reliable than I would hope.

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