Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you my mother?

Thought of the day: What would you do if you found out your 8-year-old child was switched at birth? Yeah, I know that's not really realistic, but it happened on Desperate Housewives! lol In any case, just think about it. Regardless of what happens after finding that out, your life is drastically changed. Say you keep the child that you've raised as your own. You still have to live your life knowing that the little person you produced is out there somewhere. I feel like at that point I wouldn't want to give up the child I'd been raising. Ultimately that would be my child. We'd have a bond & a life together, and that's sort of stronger than blood. I mean, it's like adoption. However, I wouldn't want to or be able to ignore the existence of my own offspring either. I think I would want to meet him/her (we'll call it a her to simplify & closer relate to the show) to know who she is, what her life is like, but at the same time I think it would be cruel & selfish to demand to take her away from the only life and family that she's ever known. As long as she's not being mistreated I think I'd push to keep the status quo, and begin a bond with that family - get together for vacations or something. It would be difficult, but a parent's duty is to do what is best for their kids, right? Of course, I'm sure nothing could be quite as simple as my scenario, but it would make for a good Lifetime movie. ;)

Anyway, I'm thinking I'd like to start some sort of format for this blog (like different kinds of lists or some specific purpose) since not enough exciting things happen in my life to constitute full journal blogging. Let me know if you have any helpful ideas or suggestions.

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  1. There are things like this all over the blogging world- they call them "memes" where there is like a theme for your blogging or a set topic or something. I have seen ones like Thankful Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, etc. I googled it for you and found a blog that has a bunch of ideas: I saw a girl's blog the other day that was doing a 30 day one where each day had a different topic : If you look around you will find tons and tons more!