Friday, October 8, 2010

Random collection of thoughts & happenings

Well, I didn't feel like going to salsa tonight, but after 9+hrs of sitting in classroom 4 I figured I should get my butt up for a little bit. It was a small group of regulars so we learned some fun more advanced moves, and the hottie instructor complimented me. I can't lie, got a little crush, but don't tell. ;) Anyway, I don't catch on very quick, but I love the comradery.

Other than that, nothing has been happening lately. Except the day of our test (Monday) we had a freakin' downpour. It was raining so hard that an umbrella could only serve to keep your head & shoulders dry. So I looked super cool walking to campus in a poncho and still holding my umbrella, but ya know, only the bottom 2 inches of my shorts got wet, so I win. Now aside from the downside that pretty much every student had to take their exams in soaking wet clothes, any time there's a heavy rain our water turns a lovely shade of "dirt".

yum, are ya thirsty? This is when you bring home filtered water from campus to drink, brush your teeth, wash your face, whatever.

Alright, so I also have this mini tirade inspired by last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. For anyone who didn't watch, there was a 27-year-old woman who was a virgin saving herself for her wedding night, and this led to all the characters laughing and mocking before learning that one of their fellow residents was also a 28-year-old virgin. At that point they also incessantly made fun of HER as well. Now seriously, what is wrong with our society that having varying morals warrants such harassment. I feel like abstinence is a valid decision, as is choosing not to drink or smoke, but in our society when someone doesn't do one or all of these things there is something wrong with them. They're uptight prudes or goody-two-shoes. If I choose not to drink, why do people feel the need to coerce me? I don't tell them, "no, no, you should get a Pepsi". My actions aren't hurting anyone. Can they say the same? If I've never had a hickey or gotten to 2nd base (which, ok, I don't actually know what the bases are, but you get my point), why is it anyone else's business to say "wow, you need a boyfriend"? Granted, yes, I would like a boyfriend, but seriously people, it's my life, not yours. What is right for your life isn't necessarily right for mine. I have my own thoughts and ideals. That being said, if you're my friend, you are perfectly welcome to introduce me to any eligible bachelors you may know - that's not judging my life, that's just being helpful. ;)

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