Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Water, water, everywhere...

So this morning started at the unGodly hour of 4am. Well, to be precise I was awakened in a steamy sauna-like sweat to the sound of running water at 3:48. After the initial confusion I realized that something was leaking. So I stepped out of bed into an inch of water and followed the sound the short distance to the kitchen. Not sure if I had put on my glasses or turned on any lights at that point, but I was able to discern that there was a crazy geyser happening under my kitchen sink, and it was semi-hot/warm water. I removed my sparce cleaning supplies from that cabinet & closed it back up. And I picked up my backpack & a small pile of clothes that I had left on the floor. I sat on my bed & thought "crap, now what?" I mean, it's 4am in Dominica. The world shuts down pretty early around here. Should I call my landlady & wake her up? Eventually I deduced that there would be nothing she could do about it until morning, and I probably wouldn't be able to get ahold of her anyway... so, I went back to bed. The rushing water was kind of loud so it woke me up multiple times over the next 2-2.5hrs, but at least the water got cold & the sauna conditions diminished.

Now fast forward to about 6:22am. I hear a muffled knocking and make my way to the door, and there, miraculously, is my landlady. One of the neighbors had called her (not likely in my building because there are only 2 of us living there & my fellow-student neighbor typically sleeps in). She looks under the sink and asks when it started and tells me I could have called her. In retrospect that would have been a better thing to do since she could have at least turned off the water, but apparently my brain is not at full throttle at 4 in the morning. She also apologized like 10 times for reasons that are beyond me. It's not like she could have foreseen my plumbing woes.

After she left my apartment I decided to get ready for class. So what do I do? Get in the shower of course - the cold shower, mind you, since the hot water reserves from our solar powered water heater have long since dissipated throughout my apartment & out over the balcony. I get my hair all shampooed & behold my shock when halfway through rinsing my hair the water turns off. Duh! So I'm standing there half-covered in shampoo pretty much busting a gut because now that I'm awake I realize how ridiculous it was to bother trying to shower. I manage to use the contents of my water bottle to finish rinsing my hair & wash my face & sort of sponge-bath & shave. It was really quite the accomplishment. And thus began my day...

I didn't think to take a picture of the geyser, but here's the trouble:
Note the tiny hole in that hose right above where it comes off that silver oval.


  1. aww sorry to hear that you had a leak poor u!

  2. Thanks hon. It wasn't that big a deal. Luckily the only thing that got wrecked was 2 rolls of toilet paper! ha